Company Culture

Introducing our organizational culture!

Core Value:

Freedom, Fun, People

Our executives and employees with plenty of overseas experience 

are aiming for an in-house culture that is 

always open with flexibility and rational thinking.

Members and companies are 

growing together based on the corporate ideology that 

people are the key in this challenging work environment every day.

Our philosophy

The most important thing in our company is people.

Clients and consumers are important, 

but more important than that are our employees.

Products and technologies will be key for companies that develop technology, 

but in advertising agencies where ideas and communication are important, 

our members are the most important things to satisfy clients and consumers at the end.

What does "break" mean to us?

We guarantee our members "break".

The long-term goal of being a company with $50M sales and 100 employees is important.

But rather than that, we think about whether our members can enjoy their own lives.

Because we're people, not machines.

For the best performance, each person must be in the best condition.

If we get tired from work and get hurt by people, 

we won't be able to achieve the best performance we're pursuing.

Overseas Team Trip

& Company Trip

for Teamwork

Once a year, each team goes on the overseas team trip.

The purpose of the team trip is "team unity."

Team members can freely choose their destinations with a three-night and four-day schedule 

without any annual leave consumption.

Company offers round-trip tickets and five-star accommodation, 

and also supports expenses of USD 500 per person.

So far, we have been to Phuket, Kota Kinabalu, Nha Trang, and Hong Kong through team trip.

We can't skip the company trip where all employees leave twice a year together.

It provides time for employees to enjoy themselves

such as water play in summer and ski resorts in winter.

Commas for 

your busy daily life

with Workation!

All employees are free to go for a workation once a year.

Workation is a system that allows us to work at a villa in Aewol-eup, Jeju Island.

Company provides the accommodation, round-trip tickets, and a mini-cooper car.

Accommodation is with three rooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a barbecue room, and a rooftop, 

so we can accompany our family if we would love to.

Due to the nature of the advertising agency, it is not possible to relieve all of the work, 

but workation is a system that allows us to leave the office and work in a quiet place for a while.

Flexible Commuting Time, 

Reward Leave System for Work-life-balance

Advertising agencies are relatively intensive and have a lot of overtime work.

However, our work requires a high level of creativity, so our personal condition is very important.

Basically, our office hours starts at 10 o'clock, but employees can freely report to work between 9 to 11 o'clock 

and fulfill the allocated work hours. 

Within a certain range, we recommend to go to and leave work at a convenient time for each person, 

and to keep the work-life-balance the way each of members wants.

While working on a project, we sometimes have to work on weekends or holidays for unavoidable reasons.

In this case, employees will earn reward leaves so that we can take another day off.

Forums for more insights 

We conduct a forum where members share information about individual areas of interest and create insights.

The forum is held once a month at a gathering of all members, 

and each team organizes information that they think is worth sharing and introduce it to everyone.

Free topics such as 

trends and characteristics of K-Pop businesses by generation, 

video production methods using AI and references, 

trends and characteristics of social media platform X,

reference to the operation of pop-up retails of famous brands 

were shared.

After the forum, we all have lunch together, have tea time, 

and share our opinions on the previously announced materials.

This time allows members to stand in solidarity and gain good insights.


Check our Instagram for our fun moments!

We look forward to the 

Sucess story of your business

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